Check out these 6 Ways to Overcome #Burnout



How do you overcome burnout?

We’ve been there. So deep in burnout that we just aren’t sure which way to turn. It can be almost paralyzing at times, or burnout can spill over into your life outside of work. Here are some ways we have worked to overcome our burnout!

  1. Take a few days off. If you can, take a week and rest. Get your mind off of things at work and regroup.
  2. Reassess what is on your plate. Look for things that aren’t high priority or that are simple enough to delegate. Everything might feel important when it comes to work, but the reality is that not everything is as pressing at it seems.
  3. Workout, take a yoga class, or meditate.  This site has some great yoga videos and even some yoga exercises to help you while you are at work!
  4. Take your lunch breaks as well as at least two daily breaks. According to some research on breaks, every 90 minutes is the ideal. Get up and move around.
  5. Have a hobby and do the hobby. Many people enjoy fishing, writing, crafting, painting, playing a sport… Whatever yours is, do it!
  6. If you feel comfortable, talk with you supervisor. It may be that you can tweak somethings to help you get through this time.

I know taking time for yourself is better said than done, especially for those who have children. However, it’s hard to give your family the time and attention they need when you are so burnt out from work that you can’t be present. Trust me, I know. Take sometime for yourself, to get yourself back together. It will be worth it.

You may be asking, what if the burnout doesn’t subside? Thats what we will be talking about next.

What do you do when you are experiencing burnout? Do you have any tricks?

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