BURNOUT- 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Quit

Want to #quit your #job? Ask yourself these five questions first.

What if the burnout doesn’t subside?

This is a tough place to be in. It’s exhausting and confusing and you are most likely at that “what next” stage. This is when you need to really evaluate you and your job.

Take out a sheet of paper and answer these 5 questions before you decide to quit.

  1. Does anything about this job make me happy?
  2. What do I need to do to make myself happy or happier?
  3. Is there anything here at my job that I could change to make me not feel burnout?
  4. Is there anything here at my job that my supervisor could change to make me feel less burnout? (If so, you need to have a conversation with your supervisor. Scared to have a conversation like this? Check out the book Crucial Conversations to help teach you how to have these tough conversations.)
  5. If I were to quit, could I pay my bills and if applicable, support my family?

Ultimately, if you can’t overcome the burnout then it’s time to find something else. As Dave Ramsey says, “When your spirit leaves, for Gods sake, take your body with it!”. You aren’t doing yourself nor your employer a favor by continuing to stay.

However, it is critical you evaluate all of you finances before you just quit. You need to make sure you can pay the bills and meet the necessities. Don’t make a rash decision and don’t make a decision that can ruin you. Think things through and if you can’t immediately quit, figure out what you want to do with your life and start taking steps in that direction. Have a budget, have an exit plan, and make them work for you!

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