7 Habits to Successfully Navigate Office Politics for the Win

office politics

Office politics. I can hear the echo now from the cascade of sighs and grunts. Enter the new world of an already complicated landscape with every new introduction of a -phobe, -ism, or sexual harassment. Cue bad Powerpoint slides, videos, and hours of endless and mindless death-by-e-learning. The More Things Change in Office Politics… I…

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Product Experience Matters, But Where May Surprise You

business product experience

Having worked in the information technology sector for over a decade, you could say I’ve had my share of product experiences. From brands like Dell to HP to Apple and Samsung, I’ve unboxed and used everything from phones to large servers. And I can say that one company is head-and-shoulders above the others when it…

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The Quick Guide to Working with an Unhappy Customer

unhappy customer guide

As we all run our businesses or work for a company, it is our jobs to win over our customers. We deal with happy customers and sometimes we encounter the unhappy customer. Today we are going to talk about how to handle the customers who are very unhappy. They’re upset as in they pretty much hate…

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