7 Habits to Successfully Navigate Office Politics for the Win

office politics

Office politics. I can hear the echo now from the cascade of sighs and grunts. Enter the new world of an already complicated landscape with every new introduction of a -phobe, -ism, or sexual harassment. Cue bad Powerpoint slides, videos, and hours of endless and mindless death-by-e-learning. The More Things Change in Office Politics… I…

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Find A Mentor Today

Our #guide will help you on your #search or a mentor. It can #help you find a #mentor #today!

Mentors are key to development and growing in the professional world. Whether it be becoming a CEO, carpenter, baker, hair dresser, or blogger, we all need one. If you are new to a professional field, you may be wondering, how do I find a mentor? How to find a mentor: Maybe you are looking for…

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Increase Your Profit Without Any More Work

Everyone wants to increase their profits. Check out our seven tips used by businesses and organizations to shave 100,000 off the top of its overhead in the first year.

All businesses are looking to increase their profit. One easy, quick, and proven way to meet that goal is by reducing spending and expenses. I know of businesses and organizations who shaved over $100,000 off of their spending in the first year following my tips. Here are the my tips to reducing your overhead. Double…

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5 Startup Financial Quick Hits You Need for Your Business

startup guide

Your inflows must be greater than your outflows when it comes to your startup finances. One would think that would be up there with the team scoring more points winning the game. This is a fact of life, something understood from the get-go, right? Not so fast. There are umpteen million blogs posts instructing you…

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