7 Habits to Successfully Navigate Office Politics for the Win

office politics

Office politics. I can hear the echo now from the cascade of sighs and grunts. Enter the new world of an already complicated landscape with every new introduction of a -phobe, -ism, or sexual harassment. Cue bad Powerpoint slides, videos, and hours of endless and mindless death-by-e-learning. The More Things Change in Office Politics… I…

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Prepare for Vacation- You Deserve It!


You deserve a vacation. This is Lee. Lee works 60 hours a week for his own small business. The exhaustion is at a point where it is unbearable and he is ready to throw in the towel. Lee hasn’t had a vacation in a year. He is scared to take a vacation because he has…

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Help with Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

Stress and anxiety occur frequently in the workplace. Let us help you reduce your stress and anxiety level in the workplace with our guide.

This blog post is about to get real. Many folks don’t want to talk about it, especially if they are experiencing it. Although we have become a society where its supposedly ok to talk about everything, there are still somethings we don’t want to talk about. I find this especially true the higher up we…

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Working Parent Morning Routine and Stress

Morning routines can be stressful and exhausting. Here are our tips to help get you and your family out the door each morning stress free.

Morning routines to set you up for success are all the rage these days and they are great. Getting up, stretching, making the bed, going for a run, drinking coffee, cooking a wonderful breakfast… Ah a blissful morning routine! I can see the doves descending and the brilliant sunshine cascading down in the background. The Perfect…

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BURNOUT- 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Quit

should I quit

What if the burnout doesn’t subside? This is a tough place to be in. It’s exhausting and confusing and you are most likely at that “what next” stage. This is when you need to really evaluate you and your job. Take out a sheet of paper and answer these 5 questions before you decide to…

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