7 Tips on How to Build A Professional Wardrobe on A Budget

Check out these 7 tips on how to build a #professional wardrobe on a #budget.

We usually refresh or add pieces to our wardrobes a couple of times a year. One of us wears a suit or blazer everyday while the other wears slacks and a dress shirt each day. Either way, our wardrobes can get a little pricey and well, we like to make our money stretch as far as it will go. Or some people may just say we are cheap. Here are some of our tips on how to dress for the job you want on a budget!

  1. Do you know exactly where you want to shop? If so, go to giftcardzen.com or another discount gift card shop. There you can immediately save money. For example, you know you want to shop at Anne Taylor. You can get a gift card for 25% off. If you love Anne Taylor like I do, then you know they have 40% off sales all the time! If you shop during one of those times then you can save 65%!
  2. Have a clothing category in your monthly budget. Maybe you can only throw in $25 a month. If you save up over the course of a few months then you have a larger budget to work with!
  3. Have clothes with multiple roles. Find clothes you can dress up and down. Buy a top that you can put with a blazer and slacks for work but look great with your weekend jeans! Have clothes that can serve a dual purpose.
  4. Shop at consignment shops. I know some executives who can go to consignment shops and dress like a million bucks! There are places with suits from high dollar stores that people just can’t fit into anymore. (Aka me!)
  5. Take your old digs to consignment stores to sell or sell them on ebay so you can buy new ones! I have had success at selling my old clothes that were in great shape but just didn’t fit anymore after having a baby. Speaking from experience, just watch out for the fees!
  6. Use loose change! Have a jar or a vase and drop your loose change into them when you empty your pockets at night. Once the jar is full, cash it in and go buy your new digs.
  7. Find a store where you can get great looking clothes for less. We have found that Old Navy fits the bill for us in this category. We have been able to go in and find different pieces to bring into our already existing wardrobes that helps give us a refresh. For example I was able to go in and buy five new blouses for work for less than $50.

Do you have any tips you use?

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