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9 Signs You Are Experiencing BURNOUT


    How exactly do you know if you are experiencing job burnout? You just might be surprised to know this, but the Mayo Clinic actually has a section devoted to job burnout. The signs are many, and even the way that burnout surfaces may vary from person to person. As the Mayo Clinic link…

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Effort: Do It Right, Do It Light

do it right

In high school I played two sports, soccer and football. Soccer was the sport where even the practices were fun. Football was the sport where I lived for the games but hated the practices. I quickly found out how effort mattered in both. We had a football coach, Coach B, who had a saying that…

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Side Hustle Failure: Lessons Learned

side hustle failures

Poor decisions are a feature of our side hustle history. Fortunately, the lessons learned from those (mis)adventures led to later successes. You too can recover from side hustle failure, if you learn the lessons. One story, in particular, comes to mind. It comes complete with the original gut feeling that it wasn’t a good decision.…

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Good to Great: A Review of Great Business Practices

good to great

What exactly is the difference between between good and great? Good pizza, versus great pizza? A good game of football versus a great game? Instead let’s talk business, specifically why some companies make the leap to great business success and others…well…just don’t? Jim Collins sets out to answer that question. If you are an entrepreneur,…

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7 Ways to Position for a Promotion

promotion job

So you want to aim for a promotion? Maybe you want to progress in your career, make more money, earn a better job title, or maybe you just want to be at least seem like a very important person? Here are seven ways we earned five promotions in five years! Dress like the job you want not the job you…

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