The Path to Make Money From Your Blog

Want to take your blog to the next level and start earning #money? Here is the secret we found to help us start earning money within the first month of trying.

The last eight years I worked hard. I spent the first year and a half of my marriage working six days a week for someone else. When I returned back to work from my unpaid maternity leave, I would leave my baby at 7 in the morning to not get home until after 7 some…

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How to Minimize Turnover of Good Employees

Keep your good employees and turn them into great leaders! This post is on how to minimize turnover of good employees.

Turnover. Being apart of the top of an organization with over 700 employees, I have seen folks come and go. I’ve seen some of the best employees walk out the door. Sometimes it is to pursue other avenues. Sometimes it is because things just went wrong. It always begs the question though, how do we…

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The Quick Guide to Working with an Unhappy Customer

unhappy customer guide

As we all run our businesses or work for a company, it is our jobs to win over our customers. We deal with happy customers and sometimes we encounter the unhappy customer. Today we are going to talk about how to handle the customers who are very unhappy. They’re upset as in they pretty much hate…

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