Finding a #Productive Mentor

productive mentor coach

Confession time. I use to stink at time management and project management by nature. Like pole cat/skunk bad. (The former is what some of us back woods southerners call them…) I would be rather unproductive at productivity. The epiphany came at my previous position when suddenly I took charge of a team of eight people…

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Productivity 101: How to Do More Stuff Better Today

how to be productive

Overwhelmed? Tired? Lacking in the productivity department? Forgetful in your tasks lately? People seem to be avoiding you Mr./Ms. Grumpy Pants? A little while back, we we touched on the topic of burnout. As much as burnout may be a sign that you’re at the wrong gig or work-life balance means nothing to you, it…

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Tips to Navigating Maternity Leave Debt Free

debt free

It was a hot topic this past year on the Presidential race and I’m sure many ladies in their child bearing years were paying close attention to this one issue… MATERNITY LEAVE. At the age of 24, we found out we were expecting our first bundle of joy. It wasn’t exactly planned so we had to…

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Side Hustle Failure: Lessons Learned

side hustle failures

Poor decisions are a feature of our side hustle history. Fortunately, the lessons learned from those (mis)adventures led to later successes. You too can recover from side hustle failure, if you learn the lessons. One story, in particular, comes to mind. It comes complete with the original gut feeling that it wasn’t a good decision.…

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