Trying to Raise Kids to be Successful AND Dads Matter!

It was my first official work day working for myself. I automated some of our social media posts and decided to take a break to start cleaning my extremely neglected house. Working like a crazy person, getting dinner on the table, running to the soccer fields, and making sure everyone gets to school on time…

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Productivity 101: How to Do More Stuff Better Today

Overwhelmed? Tired? Lacking in the productivity department? Forgetful in your tasks lately? People seem to be avoiding you Mr./Ms. Grumpy Pants? A little while back, we we touched on the topic of burnout. As much as burnout may be a sign that you’re at the wrong gig or work-life balance means nothing to you, it…

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Tips to Navigating Maternity Leave Debt Free

It was a hot topic this past year on the Presidential race and I’m sure many ladies in their child bearing years were paying close attention to this one issue… MATERNITY LEAVE. At the age of 24, we found out we were expecting our first bundle of joy. It wasn’t exactly planned so we had to…

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