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The Quick Guide to Working with an Unhappy Customer

unhappy customer guide

As we all run our businesses or work for a company, it is our jobs to win over our customers. We deal with happy customers and sometimes we encounter the unhappy customer. Today we are going to talk about how to handle the customers who are very unhappy. They’re upset as in they pretty much hate…

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5 Startup Financial Quick Hits You Need for Your Business

startup guide

Your inflows must be greater than your outflows when it comes to your startup finances. One would think that would be up there with the team scoring more points winning the game. This is a fact of life, something understood from the get-go, right? Not so fast. There are umpteen million blogs posts instructing you…

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Finding a #Productive Mentor

productive mentor coach

Confession time. I use to stink at time management and project management by nature. Like pole cat/skunk bad. (The former is what some of us back woods southerners call them…) I would be rather unproductive at productivity. The epiphany came at my previous position when suddenly I took charge of a team of eight people…

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